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In Rome at our headquarters

The course aims to introduce advanced concepts on the choice and configuration of mechanical ventilators for non-invasive ventilation.
With the aim of giving the application in daily practice of the principles and procedures of evidence based practice (EBM - EBN - EBP)
The definition and deepening of the role of HFNT, CPAP and NPPV in the course of respiratory failure are added. We will address the therapeutic choices in the "De Novo" hypoxemic patient and in the obstructive patient. In-depth analysis of bedside monitoring techniques to be applied during patient management in non-invasive ventilation (diaphragmatic ultrasound, esophageal pressure, EAdi). Failure rates of non-invasive ventilation and an in-depth analysis of weaning criteria from non-invasive ventilation will be provided. The one and a half day course in presence will also feature a large part dedicated to the simulation of clinical cases.
With Prof. Roberto Cosentini EAS First Aid and Emergency Medicine of Bergamo, author of various texts on mechanical ventilation such as "abc of mechanical ventilation".


Dr. Roberta Marino - Head physician of the Vercelli Hospital
Dr. Rodolfo Ferrari - Head of the Imola Hospital
Dr. Paolo Groff

Option to pay in installments; contact +39 349 3888 550 for more information.

We kindly ask that you book well in advance due to limited availability.

In the case of a cancellation please provide a minimum of 14 days notice and we will return the registration fee in the form of a 1-year voucher to be used on any of the courses that we offer.

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