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HITTERHigh-Intensity Trauma Training Emergency Response

February 14-15-16th, 2024

HITTER is a 3-day high intensity simulation training experience on the emergency management of major trauma with intra- and extra- hospital settings. On June 1st, 2023 HITTER was recognized by one of the leading providers in world-class surgical education and is now officially accredited by The Royal College Of Surgeons Of England.


Following a full course assessment done by faculty, delegates will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion for the Royal College of Surgeons of England certified course. HITTER is the only course in Italy to have this recognition and to be able to issue this certification:

The knowledge, experience and decision-making process of HITTER's scientific experts are at the heart of our work. Each of them is dedicated to a different thematic area (based on the in-depth experience derived from the high-volume of cases seen in their own geographical regions) and each will follow & evaluate their own small group during the course. 

HITTER is a world where its learners can fully immerse themselves in the most advanced of scenarios, where the emotions faced in the real world are invoked with the help of professional actors specially trained to recreate even the most critical situations. The stress-factor that is often overlooked in other courses becomes one of the fundamental cornerstones of HITTER thanks to the absolute realism found in its simulations. Unique in their realism and complexity, HITTER's simulations will test participants to go beyond the typical, technical preparation and challenge them to put into practice what they have learned during the course in an ultra-realistic way.​

Thanks to its International Faculty, delegates will be guided by those who confront cases of the utmost criticality at the highest world levels on a daily basis and they will learn how to apply the life saving techniques taught to them as HITTER brings it all to life. 



  • Access to the INTUBATI EM Community for Hitter related content, learning materials & 

               convergence on an international platform for a period of 12 months

  • Two Online Pre-Courses

  • One full day of training on 9 Practical Skill Stations

  • Two days High-Fidelity Simulation training exclusively on professional actors

  • One Nighttime Simulation

  • Royal College of Surgeons of England certification upon completion of course objectives

  • Congress Kit

  • Lunch & Coffee Breaks 


We kindly ask that you book well in advance due to limited availability.

In the case of a cancellation please provide a minimum of 14 days notice and we will return the registration fee in the form of a 1-year voucher to be used on any of the courses that we offer.

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Sim Whit

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2024 edition

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