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BIG SALAD: Advanced Airway Management

September 29-30th, 2023 


Our BIG SALAD airway management events are the largest in the country and certified by EAMS (European Airway Management Society). Our meetings are memorable as they are tailored to provide a very hands-on experience with simulations revolving around specially designed mannequins, allowing our students to do a deep dive into the exploration and navigation of airway management with a focus on complications such as massive bleeding and vomiting. Our faculty is a complete team of highly reputable figures from all over the world, including the United States, Holland, Brazil, Spain, Canada and, of course, Italy; Prof. James Ducanto, Dr. Massimiliano Sorbello, Prof. George Kovacs, Dr. Johannes Huitink, Dr. Yen Chow are just some of the names who will be present and who will contribute to the success of our next BIG SALAD events.


Option to pay in installments; contact +39 349 3888 550 for more information.

We kindly ask that you book well in advance due to limited availability.

In the case of a cancellation please provide a minimum of 14 days notice and we will return the registration fee in the form of a 1-year voucher to be used on any of the courses that we offer.

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