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BEYOND ACLS: November 3-4th, 2023

We're proud to have created this one-of-a-kind course thanks to the consolidated partnerships with experienced and internationally renowned experts. 

BEYOND ACLS is a course designed for true emergency professionals looking to go beyond the protocol in the management of cardiac arrest. 
BEYOND comes into play when ACLS and the standardized methodology that professionals usually depend on just aren't enough, making for particular circumstances that have been proven possible yet don't pertain to a particular protocol. 
The scientific contents and specific field training make BEYOND an advanced course aimed at doctors, nurses and critical care professionals; if they're familiar with the concepts of ACLS and high quality resuscitation and want to broaden their knowledge by thinking outside the box then BEYOND is sure to keep them at the top of their game when it comes to critical cardiovascular management. 
High-fidelity simulators, biological preparations and specially equipped actors permit us to recreate the most critical situations with absolute realism.

A prominent Faculty on the Italian & International scene will guide the learners for 2 days while discussing the latest scientific studies and participating in High-Fidelity simulations, putting them to the test with case studies that will later reveal themselves to be entirely possible in daily practice but impossible to enclose within a protocol.

We kindly ask that you book well in advance due to limited availability.

In the case of a cancellation please provide a minimum of 14 days notice and we will return the registration fee in the form of a 1-year voucher to be used on any of the courses that we offer.


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