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INTUBATI EM is a global group of passionate health educators who contributes every day to the spread of the emergency culture.

Although it is organized to all intents and purposes like a company, for those who founded it it remains a service, a sort of 'movement', rather than a business.

INTUBATI over time has had to take on a structured form to guarantee the necessary means to grow, expand and reach wherever there is a need.

This original company has no marketing plans, but the unique program is to provide professionals with the tools to give their profession the value it deserves.

The enormous support for our project from Dr. James DuCanto and other American, Canadian and many other nations friends has allowed us to pursue and achieve many of our ambitious goals.

INTUBATI EM has two BASES: in Italy, in Rome and in the United States in Florida.

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INTUBATI EM aims to develop activities in Italy and abroad through the promotion of training, cultural-scientific, technological projects, for the benefit of the scientific community and in particular the new generations of healthcare professionals.

We have brought the training of emergency procedures on corpses to our country and we continue to pursue the ambitious project of making this type of training not only a special event, but a continuous training method for everyone. We continue our activities in the United States and in other countries around the world, to bring training excellence to Italy.


We believe in changing training, with the help of international partners who have actively supported us for years.

We want to rewrite the way we do emergency training.


Our strengths


Continuous innovation

Each course is unique. Even repeating it the following year will never be the same, since each edition offers case history analyzes that are always new and updated with modern and cutting-edge techniques and examples that take inspiration from the sectors represented in the classroom.

Very high fidelity simulations

Our Medical Training Center stands out globally for the high level of very high fidelity simulation which represents a rarity in the current training landscape.

Professionalism and ambition

We boast partners and professionals in the sector capable of offering the best training in the field of Emergency Medicine.

We believe in everything we do and we want to rewrite a new way of doing training

Honesty and integrity


Our reputation is important, which is why we act transparently and reliably with our customers, partners and our team

Corso di formazione

Comparing experiences

Another strength of our programs is the opportunity given to participants to interact with professionals from all over the world with different experiences.

During the course, the participants thus come to exchange solutions and advice relating to common problems, mutually enriching their wealth of knowledge.

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